About Us

SJH Micro-Credit is a wholly owned Ghanaian entity licensed by the Bank of Ghana to provide short-term loans to small and medium scale enterprises, general merchants, importers and individuals within the Ghanaian economy. It was established in June 2017 and duly licensed by the Bank of Ghana as a tier 4 money lending entity in September 2017. SJH Micro-Credit has its office in Takoradi.

We are committed to building Ghana’s leading micro-credit institution within the next five (5) years. Our desire is to contribute significantly to the growth and development of small businesses and to help provide sustainable livelihood to low income families by providing avenues for sustainable income growth.

SJH Micro-Credit is also a member of Social Enterprise Ghana, which is a network of high impact social entrepreneurs working together to strengthen Ghana’s social enterprise eco-system.

Our mission

To provide financial and non-financial solutions tailored to meet the varying needs of our customers. We seek to achieve this by adoption of efficient technology in the delivery of our services, highly motivated and professional staff, innovation and adoption of best practices in small business lending.

Our vision

To become the largest provider of financial and non-financial services across Ghana.

Our core values


“Daniel 11:32b – but they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits”. Our confidence and faith remains in God as a Christian institution with the belief that He will continue to guide us towards our path of success.


Our respect for one another compels us to value fully and affirm the dignity and uniqueness of each client. This respect is also the foundation for our relationships with our clients, communities and our relationship with others involved in our work; donors, creditors, colleagues and fellow members of the network.


We commit to integrating actively what we believe with what we do. We will do the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.

Value for all stakeholders

We are committed to being efficient in the use of our resources by exercising thoughtful and cost effective use of the time, skills and finances we have. By this, we seek to ensure value is harnessed for business promoter, investors, employees, customers, regulators and the community in totality.

Value for all stakeholders